Is gel better for your nails than acrylic? This is a question I get asked all the time.... what is better for your nails, gel or acrylic? The answer is: both are as good as each other. The difference between gel and acrylic are the way they are applied to your natural nails. Acrylic is a liquid and powder that are mixed together and applied to your natural nail, acrylic air dries. Gel is about the consistency of thick honey, applied to your natural nail and then cured under an LED/UV lamp. Your nails only become damaged from improper removal of the product and over filing of your natural nails.

What is 'Powdered Gel'? Powdered gel is actually acrylic, I'm not sure why some salons tell you that there is a powdered gel when they are actually using acrylic on your nails. Gel always comes in a single pot and is the consistency of thick honey and is applied to your natural nail and cured under an LED/UV lamp.

What is SNS? SNS is a type of acrylic applied to your nail via a dipping method. It is also not 'better' for your nails, as mentioned above, all products can be damaging if they are applied incorrectly or not looked after properly.

How do I look after my acrylic, gel or shellac nails? While your nails are quite durable it is important to remember they are still precious and need to be looked after to avoid things like lifting, peeling and breaking. Here's a few tips on how to look after your acrylic, gel and shellac nails:

  • Avoid over exposure to water and cleaning chemicals by wearing gloves when doing the washing up and cleaning. Having your nails soaking in water too long and often can cause your nails to lift.
  • Picking, tugging and twisting your nails will cause lifting.
  • Before choosing a length think about what your day to day activities are because if your nails are too long you will have a high risk of breaking them.