Handmade nail polish, Debby with a why, designer nails by anna o'shea

Canberra nail artist takes on the big guns

Move over OPI and Revlon!

Canberra nail artist Anna O’Shea is taking it up to the big brands, releasing her own nail polish line and cuticle oil.

“I love sharing nail journeys and wanted to create a line of Australian made nail polish for the women who like to do their own nails,” she says….. Read more here

handmade nail polish, australian made, anna o'shea, indie polish

Designer nails at our fingertips thanks to new range by Canberra Mum

We love meeting women who are driven by their passion to create locally and endeavour to share their passion with others. Anna O’Shea is a Canberra mum who specialisies in designer acrylic nails and has taken her love of nail beauty  to launch her own range of nail polish and cuticle oil.
She has been doing nails for over a decade and today…… Read more here